A Fresh and Soulful Voice in Pop and R&B: Reviewing artist Selinay’s music


In the effervescent realm of Pop and R&B, Selinay, a Los Angeles-based artist bursts onto the scene with her soul-stirring authenticity. At 21, this singing sensation has captivated audiences since age seven. Her songwriting finesse, melded with her distinct contralto voice, creates a fresh and dynamic soundscape.

Her new single”Wish For More,” radiates with vibrant hues and lush harmonies, solidifying Selinay’s place in the pantheon of music’s bright young things. With open-minded exuberance, her tunes resonate with a rare, soul-stirring authenticity. The way she crafts her sonic tapestry with open-minded exuberance certainly dazzles fans of modern Pop and R&B.

If you’re a fan of modern Pop and R&B, you won’t regret giving her songs a listen. This young singer-songwriter is definitely one to watch out for, with a promising future ahead of her.

Wish For More is now streaming on major music streaming platforms. 

For updates about upcoming releases follow the artist on her official social media:

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