Ambient Music

When you are more aware of yourself and attentive towards what is going on around you, it is easier to control your feelings and emotions. It helps, at the same time, to bring down stress, improve focus and creativity, and increase your ability to deal with challenges.

This is where music steps in and turns the odds in your favour. It’s probably not a secret that listening to music can immediately improve your mood. It is scientifically proven that music reduces stress, anxiety, fights against depression, and boosts self-esteem

So, with so many benefits, why not use music for your meditation or mindfulness session? Of course, you need to listen to adequate music, the kind that will help you relax and calm down. And this is where the ambient music genre is helpful.

Try the ambient music created by Brian Eno who is a pioneer in ambient music. Without a doubt, he brought innovation to what we all know as modern music, being considered as one of the most influential persons in the musical world. With the help of his music, for example, mindfulness will become an effective and pleasant technique to practise on a daily basis.

Another renowned ambient music producer and award-winning creative producer Nishit Gajjar recommends using ambient music together with attention exercises in his book Attention and Simple Techniques to Regain It.

‘If you prefer listening to music in your leisure time, then turn on the music and go step-by step with activating your attention. First bring in active attention in the physical world then move onto the mental world and emotional world, and do all this while the music is playing and you listen to it in your earphones or from loud speakers.

‘Listen to the sound and the tune that is being played. Place your attention on the vocalist’s subtle tone. Bring in active attention on the feelings which the particular song brings in. Do it for a single song or for a specific duration,’ explains Nishit.

Nishit is an expert and has written books on attention and ambient music composition and produced numerous award-winning films and music albums that help people regain their ability to focus, improve their attention, and practise mindfulness at higher levels.

If you have trouble focusing, experience stress and negative states and thoughts, and you can’t seem to find a way to pull yourself together, mindfulness or meditation is the way to do it. And with the help of ambient music, you can improve your technique and reap the benefits of these methods, which allowed so many to regain their balance, well-being, and happiness.

Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash

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