Artificially Intelligent, Endlessly Groovy: The Future of Electronic Music with AI DJs

Automata Radio AI driven DJ

Music has long served as a manifestation of the human soul, and with the emergence of AI, a novel dimension appears to unfold, specifically in the realm of AI-powered DJs! Indeed, the evolution of music is now being sculpted by the hands of machines. Automata Radio is a new platform that combines the power of AI and music industry professionals to create a unique listening experience for music enthusiasts.

According to our sources, the collective group responsible for the platform remains veiled in secrecy, offering merely a glimpse into their identities. Automata Radio looks like a brainchild of a partnership that includes an assembly of artists who intriguingly identify themselves as the ‘technicians’. After listening to the mixes on Automate Radio it certainly looks like a one-of-a-kind auditory journey that merges the finest aspects of two realms – the ingenuity of human musicians and the prowess of artificial intelligence.

An AI-driven DJ, continuously streaming underground electronic music 24/7 online, will soon be available for booking DJ gigs as well.
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Social media link: @automataradio

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