Artist J Bentayga to release new music soon!

J Bentayga

One of Fort Worth’s hottest rappers, J Bentayga, has just recently released a new project under his label, Twin Comma Club, that is worth checking out. Featuring tracks like “Only One” & “Balmain”, this is a project that puts J in a space of his own. From melodic, chill songs to rapping on hard beats and everything in between, there is a song on this project for just about anyone. J Bentayga is known for songs such as “Cha Cha Slide”, “Madden”, “Lifestyle” and has an extensive music catalog available on all music platforms. J Bentayga has two music projects out entitled, “Almost There” (2021) & “Trash” (2021). He has been very consistent and featured on many notable news platforms and music platforms for his content. Songs on his newest project include, “Next Up”, “Only One”, “Balmain”, “Test My Luck”, “Type 2”, “Can’t Hang”, “Get 2U”, “Spilled”, “Fake Vibez”, & “In The Sky”. He has been applying pressure for quite some time on the music scene and is quickly becoming a global phenomenon with his music and talents. 

This artist is very diverse and self made. J Bentayga has overcome many obstacles with his music and is set to release way more content this year for his fans.

Be sure to check it out below:


TikTok: @jbentayga



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