Artist Mike Day & Producer Third house: A Resonant Collaboration in New Album ‘WAKEFIELD’

Mike Day Third house

Artists Mike Day and Third House have unveiled the latest musical opus, “WAKEFIELD,” presenting a riveting journey through thirteen finely crafted tracks. This album is a sonic narration of Mike Day’s personal confrontation with childhood trauma and his subsequent path toward understanding and appreciation. Key tracks like “Melee” and “This Side” manifest powerful synths, riveting beats, and his signature captivating vocals, forming a compelling blend of raw emotion and polished production. Whereas tracks like “Happy Tears” and “Feels Like” are a testament to his evolving artistry, encapsulating the compelling narrative of the album in a singular, powerful piece.

Listeners will undoubtedly be engrossed by the album’s deep narrative, which carries Mike Day and Third House’s indomitable spirit and their distinct artistic vision. Moving beyond music, Mike aspires to translate the energy of the album into his future endeavors in filmmaking.WAKEFIELDMike Day’s fruitful collaboration with producer Third House has birthed a collection of tracks in “WAKEFIELD” that truly stand out, enhancing the potent storytelling and diverse musical styles that enriches the listening experience with expertly produced, high-quality soundscapes.

In the meantime, we encourage fans to immerse themselves in the profound narratives and stimulating sonics of “WAKEFIELD,” available now on all major music platforms.

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