‘Back in the Day’: A Musical Tapestry of Extraordinary Lives by Artist Stylusboy


Jukebox Time brings into the spotlight singer-songwriter Stylusboy aka Steve Jones’s latest EP, ‘Back in the Day‘, emerging from the heart of Coventry. Drenched in warm-hearted indie folk music melodies, the EP is brimming with poignant lyrics, all beautifully articulated by Stylusboy. Unveiled on July 28, the EP harmonizes the narratives of six remarkable Coventry citizens, captured through his association with Good Neighbours, a local charity supporting isolated elders.

The indie folk genre gracefully melds the sincerity and storytelling of folk music with the fresh, experimental tones of indie music. It embodies a sound that is raw and intimate, often featuring acoustic instruments, heart-tugging lyrics, and a stripped-back, earthy aesthetic. This genre celebrates authenticity. Through such musical narrations, this stunning EP takes us on a journey from a WWII airman’s escapades, to a Jamaican woman’s first encounter with snow, and even a royal tea with Queen Elizabeth.

Singles like ‘Lift Your Voice’ stir the air with its potent lyrics and striking guitar melodies, while ‘Days Are Made For Living’ entrances with Stylusboy’s serene vocals. This exceptional EP is an enticing odyssey in itself, offering a compelling listening experience we wholeheartedly endorse.

Stream the EP now:

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