BlackSkin Motion Picture Soundtrack Elevates the Voice of Critically-Acclaimed Drama on Police Violence

BlackSkin Motion Picture

[Los Angeles CA, 11/03/2023] – In an era where the term ‘Woke’ has been prevalent in mainstream media, the official soundtrack for the Motion Picture BlackSkin, set against the backdrop of a Minneapolis city’s tumultuous struggle with police violence, delivers a poignant and evocative listening experience.

Comprising 15 stunning tracks, the soundtrack is a true testament to the film’s powerful message and the voices it represents. The film, which vividly portrays the tension of a city turned into a powder keg due to recurrent police violence against black men, finds its perfect match in the soundtrack. Each song is carefully crafted to reflect the film’s emotional landscape and enhance its narrative.

Among the standout tracks is “Woke” by Grammy Winning Group Sounds Of Blackness. It brings  a narrative that certainly cajoles! The vocal and instrumental ensemble group adds a wonderful multi-genre vibe of gospel, R&B and soul which makes it an addictive track for sure! “Simply Wonderful,” is another marvel of simplicity that features evocative music paired with powerful lyrics, creating a piece that captivates the listener with its compelling vocals. “Let Me Shine” shifts gears with an upbeat vibe and peppy music, where the guitar riffs and vocal harmonies merge to produce an infectious energy.

“Good Morning” offers a contrasting mood with its subtle yet enthralling composition, anchored by Mike De’Cole’s ethereal vocals that resonate long after the song ends. “I Can’t Take it” stands out with its robust lyricism and the mesmerizing delivery by Shaka Zoo, whose performance is underscored by heart-rending beats.

“Smile Now” takes a distinctive musical direction, infusing a sense of hope and the promise of a new dawn. The single “Healing,” hailed as our favorite track, is a masterpiece of conscious vocal arrangement that seduces the listener with its sheer beauty.

Finally, “Turn U” rounds out the selection with its soft, appealing, and smooth melody by Krishawna and Aaron Bing, providing a potent transition that mirrors the film’s shifting tones.

The soundtrack not only complements the film but also does justice to its crucial message, thus portraying the urgency and significance of the themes it explores. As the city’s narrative unfolds on screen, each track becomes a character in itself, voicing the silenced and amplifying the message of resilience and the quest for justice.

The soundtrack which was released on 23rd of June, 2023 and the Movie releases on December 01, 2023 in selected theatres showcases a diverse range of talent featuring notable artists such as Jellybean Johnson, Grammy Winning Group Sounds Of Blackness, Cha Chocolate, Mike Decole, Minnesota Official Boyz, Black Lion Society, Tracey Blake, Solo D, Krishawna, Robbie Rob, each bringing their unique voice and style to the fore. It is produced by Aaron Bing and Marc Cayce with music supervision by De’Monica Flye.

The soundtrack is expected to not only resonate with fans of the film but also find a place in the hearts of all who stand for a world free from discrimination and brutality. The film is a compelling story told in the universal language of music.

The album is now available for streaming on Spotify.


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