Blood Running – The Next Chapter in Elour’s Musical Journey


Get ready to dive into a sonic paradise as Elour is set to release the much-anticipated new album ‘Blood Running’ on April 21, 2023. Building on the success of their critically acclaimed debut EP, the enigmatic artist is back with a fresh and evocative collection of tracks that promise to enthrall fans and newcomers alike.

Recently, Elour unveiled an official video for ‘Fade,’ the first single from the upcoming album. The mesmerizing visuals are a testament to the artist’s creative prowess, merging avant-garde imagery with an infectious, pulsating beat that captivates listeners from start to finish. ‘Blood Running’ is poised to break boundaries and redefine the modern soundscape.

Stay in the loop as more details about ‘Blood Running’ unfold by following Elour’s on their official social media channels. Be among the first to experience this groundbreaking album that’s sure to leave an indelible mark on the world of music.

About the band: Emotions erupt in ELOUR’s punk-edged Femme Rock, resulting in catharsis and empowerment. ELOUR (pronounced “allure”) features the alluring songs, vocals, and stage presence of classically trained Elizabeth Ghandour.

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