Bunny Daniels’ stunning new single “Mrs. Perfect”

Bunny Daniels

Jukebox Time is today featuring the new single by artist Bunny Daniels. It is titled Mrs. Perfect and is a scintillating track with an exquisite arrangement. We got a special sneak peek into the single and were mesmerized by the riveting intro. The vocals are sublime and ingrained with subdued tonality that is hard to recreate. Another vital element of the single is its brilliant lyricism. Overall the single is excellent with quite an invigorating sonic structure.

Known for her tracks Freak and Mute, Bunny Daniels totally cajoles us with her single Mrs. Perfect. And therefore Jukebox Time highly recommends this single which is now streaming on Spotify.

About the artist: Like many iconic R&B singers past and present, Bunny Daniels started singing in the church. Her mother was a singer and would bring Bunny to choir practice regularly. Bunny got her opportunity to join the choir at a relatively young age and when they encouraged her to sing lead on a song in her teenage years, the experience was so overwhelmingly positive that Bunny decided to make singing her career.

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