Exclusive: Artist Lil Pentagram’s new album “Infernum Divitia”

Lil Pentagram

Jukebox Time is today featuring artist Lil Pentagram’s new album. It is titled Infernum Divitia and comprises of tracks Cost, Fly, Hell, S5 and many more riveting songs. The album starts with Cost that features a mind blowing pool artists such as Young Buck, T Low, Indo Slim and Diamond G.A.N.G. Zay. Cost has a brilliant intro that cajoles us and showcases what the album would entail to! Lil Pentagram’s distinct delivery and flow are remarkable making it the main asset of the album. Fly is another marvelous number from the album with scintillating arrangement. The melodic tones are executed in a surreal way so as to create a unique vibe. However, what caught our attention was the track S5 that has an enhanced aesthetic vocal performance by Lil Pentagram. The synergy between Tripolar and Lil Pentagram is quite prevalent throughout the single and exhibits a dashing collaborative effort.

The album ends with track Wings that is pretty laid-back track (albeit, compared to other tracks from the album!). Lil Pentagram’s flow is smooth with an alluring intonation that certainly entrances us. The wordplay is enigmatic blended with subtle piano and something that we haven’t heard in a long time in the realm of music!

With such evocative tracks, Lil Pentagram has garnished fascinating sonic variety in Infernum Divitia. Also, in comparison to his albums such as Ups & Downs and Lonely Nights featuring Kid Trunks, this album showcases a wide-ranging musicality and creative expression that is ingrained in him. It is definitely not an easy task per se to have each track in the album creatively varied that incorporates numerous musical elements. And with such a high calibre sound Lil Pentagram has undeniably crafted an album that is surely going to be added onto many playlists across the globe.

Therefore, Jukebox Times highly recommends Infernum Divitia by Lil Pentagram.

The album is now streaming on Spotify.

Lil Pentagram

About the artist: Born in South Korea, Seoul, Lil Pentagram spent parts of his early life in South Korea, Seoul, Portland Oregon, Atlanta Georgia, Boston Massachusetts, Seattle Washington. Although Lil Pentagram is an independent artist, he used to be signed to a South Korean hiphop idol “Crown Jay” associated with FLY BOY Entertainment. He later than was recruited by Sony Music in 2015 and was signed and been writing and performing for Seattle based company One Famm Music Group. In 2022 Lil Pentagram started his own company AMG LLC (Alluminated Music Group LLC) and debuted his album May 7th 2022 Infernum Divitia.

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