Exclusive: Check out Izzo Luchiano’s stunning new album ‘Footprints In The Sand’

Izzo Luchiano

Jukebox Time is today reviewing the latest album by up-and-coming rapper Izzo Luchiano. The album is titled Footprints In The Sand and comprises tracks like Relate 2 My Story, Just The Beginning, How It Goes and many more riveting songs. Relate 2 My Story starts with subtle synth sounds and then Izzo’s vocals take over. The single is enthralling with a powerful delivery by Izzo. The melodic structure and the arrangement is commendable as it definitely sounds distinct. Whereas Just The Beginning is phenomenal with stunning beats. The arrangement is captivating and add to that the fascinating delivery by Izzo. His vocal texture is unique and the passionate wordplay is delightful too. Footprints In The Sand is an alluring album with notable tracks and compelling lyrics.

Overall, Izzo Luchiano’s music is wonderful and music lovers would await future releases from this talented artist. However, those who are acquainted with the artist’s latest Mixtape Smokin Mirrorz would be surprised when they listen to this album. There is an element of freshness and completely varying sound in this new album.

The album is currently streaming on all major music streaming services!

About the artist: Izzo Luchiano is an up-and-coming rapper from Brooklyn. His latest Mixtape Smokin Mirrorz is currently streaming on SoundCloud.

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