Exclusive: Experience delicate vibrancy in Jason Callear’s upcoming single ‘California Girl’

jason callear

Jukebox Time is today featuring artist Jason Callear’s upcoming single. Yes, we got a special sneak peek (or shall we say sneak listen?) of California Girl! The single starts with a soothing vibe that immediately catches us in its embrace. Jason’s vocals are smooth, enveloping us and providing a unique sonic experience. The overall vibe is extremely delicate, yet the vibrancy that Jason has added is quite commendable. The transitions are phenomenal, offering a surreal mix of rhythms and harmony. The melody is extravagant; add to that the mesmerizing guitar that takes us by the hand on an auditory journey unlike any other. Overall, Jukebox Time highly recommends this single, which is set to release on the 15th of September.

The appealing and extremely delicate vibrancy makes California Girl a must-listen on loop mode.JASON CALLEAR
Here’s the pre-save link:

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