Exclusive: VinCrux’s phenomenal new EP ‘dollz’

Jukebox Time is today reviewing artist VinCrux’s new EP. It is titled dollz and comprises of riveting tracks like dollz, The Hustle, Wanderlust 2.0 and The Hustle – Live Version. dollz is a stunning track with invigorating beats. The arrangement is impeccable with subtle sound patches creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. Whereas, the distinct aspect of the track The Hustle is its pulsating synth sound which creates an enigmatic vibe. Wanderlust 2.0 (our favorite!) is a magnificent track with gripping progression and clever usage of samples.

Overall, it is a compelling EP by VinCrux. And what stands apart in his music are the experimental nuances of synth sounds which he utilizes brilliantly. Thus, it seems his music would be added to many playlists across the globe.

Check out dollz which is currently streaming on all major music streaming services!

About the artist: Raosaheb Ramteke, or better known as VinCrux, is an electronic music producer and songwriter from Nagpur, India. Vincrux found his peace and adrenaline in music. Music for him is a way of expressing emotions, feelings and thoughts; VinCrux realized his potential for music production in 2018 and worked hard toward his passion and released his first Single in 2020 during the pandemic. His tracks are on air and are reaching 200+million households through SongdewTV. 

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