Featured: A Little Overboard’s single “Second Row”

A Little Overboard

Jukebox Time is sharing an exclusive piece of news about the American Rock Band A Little Overboard. Known for their dynamic music the band has dropped a scintillating new single! It is titled Second Row and as we usually say yes we did get a special sneak peek into this single too. With a peppy intro and robust rhythm section, the band certainly spellbinds us. The progression is quite fascinating as we do get a glimpse of conventional harmonics structure from a different era. In Second Row probably the band seems to embark on a more experimental path yet aligns with the ordained musicality that we found in their single Goodbye For Now. The varied musical canvas of Second Row has stunning vocal nuances, thrilling guitars, and an upbeat vibe.

Overall we were impressed by this remarkable single. And therefore Jukebox Time highly recommends this single which is now streaming on Spotify. Keep an eye on their official Spotify Page for updates about their upcoming album Lies of Lovers.

A Little Overboard

A Little Overboard is an all-original American Rock Band from Saratoga Springs, NY. “Second Row” is their follow-up single to “Goodbye for Now” for their debut album “Lies of Lovers” which is set to release on 1/1/24.


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