Featured: Appleseed’s album “Heat from the Sun”

Appleseed Heat from the Sun

Jukebox Time is today featuring Appleseed’s album Heat from the Sun. It comprises tracks titled Far Away, Questions, Hyperspace, Wrong and many more riveting songs. The album coaxed us right away with the album’s first track Far Away. It has a sound that is highly ethereal, raw yet so poignant. Brimming with cascading guitars, thrilling composition and evocative vocals, Questions fabricates nostalgia with powerful wordplay. Another marvelous number from the album is Hyperspace (our favorite!). With sublime intro, unconventional yet gripping rhythms and thrilling guitars Hyperspace encompasses the overall niche that Appleseed is trying to create with such varied tonality in their music.

Appleseed’s music is enigmatic and conjures hidden emotions from one’s memory pool that is rarely accessible in one’s day-to-day life. Albeit, it takes a befitting album like Heat from the Sun that drenches the listener with surreal sound and a storyline with an exquisite lyricism that is hard to recreate.

Overall, Appleseed impressed us and dazzled us with their album. And therefore Jukebox Time highly recommends Heat from the Sun which is currently streaming on Spotify.

About the band: Appleseed band was founded in Poznan, Poland. From the very beginning, their sound was inspired by the greatest bands of 70’s and current alternative rock bands. In 2006 Appleseed recorded its first (EP) Broken Lifeforms. The song Twin World was selected for CD “Thirty something new Tales from PL/ PT” – a compilation of 26 bands from Poland and Portugal. The same song achieved number one on music chart.  At the beginning of 2014, Appleseed recorded a new LP Heat From The Sun. In 2020, a new front man was invited to join the band for new LP recording expected in 2022.

Appleseed had the opportunity to gig with many great artists such as Riverside (PL), Snowman (PL), Russian Circle (US), Shaky Hands (US), Antimatter (UK) Johnny Young (UK), Ray Wilson (UK) and more.

Follow the band on their official social media for updates about future releases:

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