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Jukebox Time is today showcasing the newest single by the artist, heartdestroyer. Titled “hello kitty bitches”, it was released on the 1st of September and has since sent ripples through the music community, creating a stir among fans and aficionados alike. The buzz preceding heartdestroyer’s release was palpable, and when “hello kitty bitches” finally graced the ears of listeners, it confirmed that the anticipation was well worth it.

This new offering from heartdestroyer embarks on a distinctly experimental sonic journey. While heartdestroyer has always had a trademark sound, “hello kitty bitches” takes listeners on an even more enthralling and evocative sojourn. The track stands out with its mesmerizing arrangements and uncanny, effects-laden vocals, crafting an auditory panorama that is unparalleled. Particularly notable is the middle section, which transcends the listener to a different auditory plane.

One might wonder, does “hello kitty bitches” fit within a conventional genre? Labeling this single within traditional genres doesn’t seem to do it justice. Instead, “hello kitty bitches” might best be described as belonging to the “heartdestroyer’s genre” – a dynamic blend of diverse sonic subtleties that hello kitty bitches has pioneered.

Comparatively, when set against “toxic”, heartdestroyer’s previous release, “hello kitty bitches” shatters the mold. While it might just be a track spanning a few minutes, it manages to open a portal to a world of creative experimentation. This world is awash with vibrant beats and an underlying energy that’s hard to replicate. The tonality, although sublime and sometimes dizzying, leaves a lasting impression, echoing in the listener’s mind long after the song concludes.

Currently, “hello kitty bitches” is available for streaming on Spotify and other major music platforms. For those seeking a sonic experience that defies convention and pushes boundaries, this track comes highly recommended.

Also, check out the single on YouTube here:

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