Featured: “Love Letters From Space” – An intergalactic sonic extravaganza!

Love Letters From Space

Jukebox Time is today featuring Mike Grubert’s project Love Letters From Space. It comprises of tracks titled Love Is The Answer, When You Walk In, Bulletproof, One Future and The Note In Her Hand. The very first impression that we get from this EP is that the sound is rich with melodies that are elliptical and vibrant rhythms that totally enthralled us. When You Walk In is stunningly dramatic with evocative vocals and scintillating guitars. Another marvelous number from the EP is One Future. It definitely seems Mike is willfully tapping into sounds from a different era or probably a different dimension! The cascading melody blend with augmented vocals adds a surreal vibe in The Note In Her Hand. The track reminds us of a core message for humans on Planet Earth i.e. Love!

Love Letters From Space is a message from the space (via Mike!) reminding us that Love and Positivity win after all. Mike’s virtuosity lies in embarking on this sonic journey which rarely anyone dares to and on top of that sharing it with the world in the form of unconventional yet powerful alternative rock music. And this in itself showcases the true artistry of Mike Grubert.

The EP is currently streaming on all major music streaming services. And for fans of cassettes, the EP is also available on a cassette tape!

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