Featured single: ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ by Chris Ruggiero

Quiet Nights

Jukebox Time is today featuring the new single by artist Chris Ruggiero. It is titled Fly Me to the Moon and is a phenomenal song. With stunning evocative vocals, sublime melody and ecstatic piano, the song enthralled us. The surreal element of dynamism in Chris Ruggiero’s voice is truly breathtaking. The soft reverberating melody exquisitely captivated us!

Fly Me to the Moon is a wonderful song with pianist Chris Tamburr adding the groovy and splendid piano parts. Overall, Chris Ruggiero coaxes us into a romantic journey through his voice. His voice texture and intonation definitely make us nostalgic and take us into an era or that part of life where one was close to the love of their life.

This marvelous single is currently streaming on Spotify and is part of his new album Quiet Nights.

About the artist: Chris Ruggiero takes his audiences on a journey through the golden age of rock and roll, breathing new life into the timeless music of the 1950s, 60s and 70s.  Chris has been described as an “old soul” at 22 years old, whose approach to his concert appearances is more in line with that of a bygone era than it is the artists of his generation. No stranger to live audiences in the northeast, Chris first came to national attention when he performed in concert on one of PBS-TV’s coast-to-coast broadcast specials, which still airs to this day. Since then, Chris has been traveling around the country delivering his unique brand of vintage rock and roll, including sold out shows in Las Vegas, Cleveland, Florida and New York.

“Just give me a spotlight and a microphone and tell me what time I go on.” – Chris Ruggiero.

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