Featured: SIR-VERE drops a new album titled “Pushing Beat Law – Part 1”


Jukebox Time is today sharing an exclusive piece of news about Post Punk Electronic Rock Band SIR-VERE. Known for their sublime songs Hunger and All You Ever Do, the band has finally released their new full-fledged album. It is titled Pushing Beat Law – Part 1 and comprises tracks titled I’m On Fire – Nathan Green & Systemic Mix, This Is Heaven – Wiccatron Heated Chrome Mix, All You Ever Do – Vodzilla Mix and many more riveting songs. All the tracks are remixes and mixes of songs from SIR-VERE’s breathtaking discography!

With an impeccable arrangement, I’m On Fire sets off the tone for the album and exhibits the paradigm of what this album is all about viz. compelling and eloquent. The successive beats have a dazzling blend of distinct synth sounds! The youthful yet raw energy that the vocals showcase is certainly spellbinding. The untrammeled nature of their music is quite prevalent in My Mind – Sonale Mix. The reverberating slapping bass with unconventional melodic tones evokes a retro vibe. However, the contemporary element is visibly ingrained in each song of the album.

All You Ever Do – Vodzilla Mix has that scintillating textures and tones which probably signifies the signature SIR-VERE sound in a new way. The inventive nature of the vocals with subdued synth sound cajoles us to listen to this masterpiece on repeat mode. Another marvelous track from the album, Invasion (our favorite!) stunned us due to its heavy experimental disposition. The growling vocals with thrilling guitars and cascading tonality certainly enthralled us! And the track adds a unique creative transition from the rest of the songs on the album.

Overall, SIR-VERE’s music consists of an immersive and panoramic musicality that demonstrates a niche that they are slowly carving through their work. And Pushing Beat Law – Part 1 is an elegant masterpiece that truly heralds the boundaries that are being broken by the musicians through their music. Be it the genre-blending element, vibrant melodies brimming with experimental compositions, or contemporary tones that are utilized, SIR-VERE Pushing Beat Law – Part 1 is phenomenal, and therefore Jukebox Time highly recommends this album.

The album is now streaming on major music streaming platforms.

About the band: SIR-VERE is a UK based 4 piece Rock band from MK which fuses Post Punk ethics with Electronic Dance energies. The band performs live across the country and worldwide from Manumission to Glastonbury to Kings Cross’ infamous Scala and everywhere in-between. 

The band comprises Craig Hammond on Vocals & Noise, Gary Morland on Guitars & Bass & Keyboards, Stevie Vega on Keyboards & DJ and Ian McEwan on Vocals.

For more details about the band and their upcoming releases visit:

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