First Look: Daisy Briggs’ “Nice Knowing You” Video Premiere – A Celebration of Self-Reliance and Grit!

Daisy Briggs

With the unveiling of her riveting new music video for “Nice Knowing You,” Daisy Briggs—Newport, Rhode Island’s own—cements her status as one of the most exhilarating voices in contemporary country. An embodiment of resilience, Daisy’s latest offering is a testament to her trademark sonic structure.

Directed with vivacious finesse by Ryan Nolan, the video for “Nice Knowing You” is a visual feast that captures the spirit of the song. Daisy takes center stage, armed with her guitar and infectious energy. She showcases the specter of a toxic relationship with every strum and step. The result is a narrative of catharsis that is as uplifting as it is unapologetic!

Filmed in Daisy’s hometown of Newport, the video is a homage to her roots. The serene coastal town serves as an evocative backdrop to her journey. The scenes of Daisy strolling down familiar lanes and playing her guitar infuse the video with an authentic sense of nostalgia, further intensifying the emotional resonance of “Nice Knowing You.”

The song is the title track of Daisy’s upcoming EP, her first extended-length release. Set to drop next month, the EP is eagerly awaited by Daisy’s rapidly growing fan base, who are keen to hear more of her empowering narratives and unique musical stylings.

Daisy’s songwriting prowess is as commendable as her vocal talent, crafting lyrics that hit home while maintaining a potent sense of universality. The song’s melody has an infectious catchiness that is hard to shake off and is likely to cement itself into the playlists of country music aficionados across the globe.

“Nice Knowing You” is more than just a country song; it’s a celebration of personal grit and perseverance. It’s a testament to the power of music in capturing the human spirit’s ability to triumph over adversity.

Available digitally from May 12, the single is a refreshing entry into Daisy’s musical repertoire. It’s a promise of what’s to come—a declaration that Daisy is here to stay, her voice echoing with the stories of the past, her sights set firmly on the future.

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