Featured: R&B Recording Artist Gaviana’s sublime album “Vivid Dreams”


Jukebox Time is today sharing an exclusive piece of news about R&B/Pop Recording artist Gaviana. According to our sources, the artist has released a stunning new album titled  Vivid Dreams. The album comprises tracks titled Let Go, Come Closer, Counter Clockwise and many more breathtaking musical tracks. The sublime tones and quintessential lyrics totally persuades us to pay extra attention to the wonderful structure of the songs.

Gaviana who is a A-train Recording Artist from A-train Productions totally enforces the listener to listen to this riveting and phenomenal album on a loop mode. Also, the subtle vocal variation that she does are spectacular and showcases her innovativeness.

And therefore Jukebox Time highly recommends her album which is now streaming on YouTube!

About the artist: Gaviana is the newest name in the music scene, poised to leave an impact. The R&B/Soul Artist, Singer, and Songwriter radiates a mature, soothing style that will have people hooked. Starting at the age of eight, Gaviana learned to play the piano and guitar and since then she has developed her sound to what it is today. Influenced by the likes of Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, and Alicia Keys, Gaviana aims to reach a worldwide audience and perform around the world.


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