Interview with Author Brandon Green

Think Like a Scientist

Jukebox Time recently got a chance to interview author Brandon Green in regard to his book Think Like a Scientist. We got insights into his new book which is now available on his website!

Q1. Welcome to Jukebox Time! How are you doing?

Very good. Thanks for having me!

Q2. Please tell our readers about your book Think Like a Scientist.

Think Like a Scientist is a children’s book I wrote after experiencing medical gaslighting from friends, families, and the medical community. It got so out of hand that I ended up in a mental ward.

The book tells a story for those who are going through a chronic illness. I was dealing with a lot, Long Covid, Mold Toxicity, Lyme disease which brought on MCAS, MCS, and EHS.

Q3. Any specific rituals or habits that you have cultivated in order to stay creative in your daily life?

Just wake up every day, brew a coffee, and I’m naturally quite creative. Life is fun, have fun with it.

Q4. Who are your favorite authors?

Anyone who writes Non-Fiction books. I’ve never been much for fantasy. I have too much fun living in the real world and learning real facts.

Q5. What’s next? Which book or project are you working on now?

Not sure, but as a proud Republican, I’ll be sure having fun covering the next election in my podcast, Lets Go Brandon Green.

Thank you!

For more details about the book visit:

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