Lillia Kysil’s ‘You’re Omran’: A Tribute to War-Affected Children Worldwide

You're Omran by Lillia Kysil

Today, Jukebox Time is featuring OmranLives’ single titled “You’re Omran,” which is part of a non-profit campaign. The song is crafted as a parody to bring awareness to the plight of suffering children in Gaza and Ukraine, seeking to draw the attention of a misguided and uncaring global population. With a powerful introduction, the single captivates listeners with mesmerizing beats that perfectly align with the overall arrangement.

You're Omran

What truly captivates us are Lillia Kysil’s stunning vocals. Her raw voice, intertwined with an evocative vibe, enthralls the listener. The ability to translate the cry and connection to suffering from individual experiences to the audience is a formidable feat, yet Lillia Kysil achieves it effortlessly, evoking tangible empathy and goosebumps. Her voice unearths deep-hidden emotions, inspiring the listener. “You’re Omran” is not just a song; it’s a soulful melody that resonates with empathy and humanity, urging listeners to take action and make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable children.

This song is dedicated to Omran Daqneesh and all the children around the world who continue to suffer as Omran did from the war.

Please note that the vinyl LP and CD shown in the article are conceptual representations and not actual products. They are intended solely to raise awareness of the song’s availability on SoundCloud. The song is also being broadcasted on LondonDigitalFM.

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