Multifaceted Songstress Zoey Tess Captivates with Dazzling Singles and Versatile Talent

Zoey Tess

In the ever-evolving music scene, one talented singer-songwriter-pianist Zoey Tess has emerged as a radiant star, enchanting listeners with her incredible range and dynamic sound. Her single Turn Me Up is a powerful track with a catchy melody and jaw-dropping vocals that showcase her undeniable prowess as a performer. Whereas Human Nature is an alluring piece, that captivates us with its striking transitions and heartfelt lyricism, demonstrating her prowess as a versatile artist.

Beyond her remarkable singing and piano skills, this multifaceted musician is also a highly sought-after composer for other bands, delighting in the opportunity to share her gift with the world. The driving force behind her passion is her late aunt, a beloved television actress Corinne Camacho who continues to be her greatest source of inspiration.

After listening to her songs on a loop mode we sensed her music is catchy, distinct, and quite refreshing, exuding a genuine vibe that can only emerge from an artist as talented and versatile as this rising star. With impeccable sound and production quality, she’s steadily making her mark in the world of music. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this innovative and gifted artist — she’s bound to dazzle you with her captivating tunes and endless creativity.

Her discography is streaming on major music streaming services including Spotify!

About the artist: Zoey Tess loves to experiment with different sounds and styles, drawing inspiration from the artists she admires most. She combines her unique background that spans all genres of music while maintaining her own image and sound. Tess began writing music in middle school with songwriter Christy Thompson and recording with record-producer Michael Patzig at Moomba Studios in Connecticut. She began working with award-winning producer Vic Steffens (The Rolling Stones, Harry Connick Jr, Bobby Brown) of Horizon Music Group, a subsidiary of Sony Records, located in Connecticut, in 2017. Horizon Music Group released Tess’ debut single ‘Late Night Thoughts’ featuring hip-hop artist G-Nice, in March of 2020. Tess later began working with record producer and multi-instrumentalist Jake Siberon. Siberon produced Tess’ 2023 single ‘Human Nature’. 

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