Musical Journey through A.R.E.A’s self-titled and genre-transcending EP!

A.R.E.A Area

Jukebox Time is today featuring ‘A.R.E.A‘, the music collective that comprises 7 members. Art Real Entering Arcadia aka A.R.E.A released their self-titled debut album in May 2023. “Up and Down” serves as a captivating introduction to this surreal EP, with vocals that guide us on an ethereal journey, while the music surpasses the traditional constraints of a genre. “Nobody” is another standout track, boasting a terrific fusion of Hip Hop and Jazz. The enticing melodic structure lures us to embark on this unique musical voyage. “On The Go” deviates from the EP’s typical buoyant vibe, offering a distinct trajectory. The captivating lyrics and seamlessly integrated beats meld perfectly with the track’s experimental tonality.

“Voyager” provides the perfect conclusion to the EP, exhibiting a sophisticated and polished sonic structure. It seemingly encapsulates the entire sonic vibe of the EP in a unique way, where lyrics, vocals, and music harmonize to create a mesmerizing musical phenomenon that is truly addictive.

On the whole, this is an extraordinary EP that transcends prevailing musical trends, enticing listeners with its alluring fusion of classic sound and a new-age twist.

Don’t miss out on this sonic experience. Stream this EP on Spotify now.

About the band: What started as a simple idea from an ambitious duo organically evolved into a musical Collective. Inspired by old school hip-hop infused with jazz instrumentals A.R.E.A takes you on a musical experience that delivers a quintessential vibe aligned with an elevated lyrical experience and highlighted by a classic sound with new-age twist. The A.R.E.A. Collective consists of 7 Core Members from across Canada – Andre The Project Starter [Drums/Vocals], Rubrik [Vocals], Complex [Vocals], Dre [Bass/Vocals], Nicko [Guitar], Mary [Vocals] & Metushaleme [Vocals] but also features a plethora of additional talented artists that are driven to create a new sound that recognizes and acknowledges the art that influences them.

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