Neo Soul Narratives: A Journey Through Love, Longing, and Light with Constantine’s Newest Tracks


Distinguished artist Constantine takes us on a transformative musical journey with the release of a stunning pool of songs that mark an introspective turn in his career. Known for his synthpop dance offerings, Constantine now revisits his roots in neo-soul with tracks titled  “Home”, “Million Miles”, and “365 days”.

We were fortunate to have an exclusive listen to the tracks and were astounded by the audacious spirit deeply embedded within them. “Home” is a poignant reflection on the longing for home and the struggle of separation, steeped in deep emotional resonance. Constantine’s pivot from synthpop to neo-soul is not a radical departure but rather a homecoming. This acoustic rendition, centered around a mellow piano, is a sanctuary that gives ample space for Constantine’s soulful vocals and vocal improvisations, ranging from baritone to alto. The melody intertwines subtly with chords, bridging the tones of old-school soul sound and older-school piano motions, reminiscent of Chopin. The song is a heartfelt tribute to our homeland memories, a testament to the power of love for family and friends, and the healing and resilience it can bring in times of conflict.

In stark contrast to “Home”, his second offering, “Million Miles”, is a light-hearted, dreamy escapade. The meaningful lyrics paired with a simple harmony and an original guitar riff create a restrained yet deeply evocative tune. The catchy chorus and the unique sound design hark back to the pop scene of the 60s through the 90s, adding an engaging depth to the melody and rhythm. Constantine’s instrumentations inject a unique characteristic into “Million Miles”, presenting a new path in his musical journey.

Finally, “365 days” is a vivid embodiment of summertime bliss. The rising melodic lines and repeated core lines, coupled with a strings interlude, create a vibrant soundscape that invites listeners to bask in warm and sunny vibes. The song is like a bright, sunny day after a long winter, soothing and invigorating.

Each song in this collection is a narrative unto itself, beautifully stitched together by Constantine’s soulful vocals and skillful composition. Despite the different emotional tenors, each track unites under the banner of his neo-soul influence and his commitment to storytelling through music. His ability to navigate various genres and moods with ease and sophistication makes this release a standout in his discography.

Constantine’s love for his hometown of Kyiv shines through his music, making it all the more powerful and moving. The songs are now streaming on Soundcloud, and we recommend giving them a listen. They are not just songs; they are journeys into the artist’s soul, into the depths of longing, the lightness of dreams, and the blissful warmth of summer. Be sure to follow Constantine on his official social media platforms to keep abreast of future releases from this evolving and emotive artist.

About the artist: Constantine is a London-based pop and soul songwriter and singer, originally from Ukraine. He moved to London after Russia brutally attacked his home city of Kyiv on February 24th, 2022. Constantine focuses on his English repertoire now to which he fully composes music, sings and produces the final sound output as his role models and musical icons who he profoundly admires are Luther Vandross, The Isley Brothers, Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, and Michael Jackson. During the past year, Constantine has been giving charity concerts in Europe in many European capitals such as Berlin, Paris, Lisbon, Warsaw, Tallinn, and Riga. Why UK? 10 years ago, he performed at Newcastle Mela festival. The audience was deeply moved by his set, and he was astounded by the warm welcome. He would love to present himself and his music in the British capital – London. By this, he fulfills his long-standing dream as well as supports “Children of Heroes” (UA) foundation.

Secure your seats for Constantine’s performance at the renowned tavern “The Bedford”. This esteemed venue is known as a launching pad for illustrious British musicians such as Ed Sheeran, Paolo Nutini, and U2, as they commenced their monumental global careers with performances on its stage:

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