Nikki Njoku’s new EP ‘Miss Quintessential’

Nikki Njoku

Today, we are reviewing Nikki Njoku’s new EP titled “Miss Quintessential.” With a stunning collection of 7 songs, the EP enthralls and certainly captivates us. It starts with “Autumn Dreams,” which is sublime and surreal. The bass is fantastic and has a vibe that is unlike anything else. Once again, the main aspect of the single lies in its powerful lyrics. The dazzling arrangement captivates us right away. “Cycle of Ages” featuring Ink Royal is another marvelous number. The vocals are dynamic, evoking a distinct vibe altogether. Add to that the transitions, which are phenomenal. Yet another vital, energy-packed single is “Solitude.” The subtle piano intro elates us. The vocals clearly takes us on an auditory journey, with a dash of varied tonality that is just superb. The sparkles of her voice reverberated in our heart even after we stopped listening to the EP!

Overall, we were amazed by the sheer audacity ingrained in the EP. Stunning vocals, power-packed tonality, and enthralling melodies create a sonic experience worth savoring. Her voice is mesmerizing with a rawness and clarity ingrained in it.

Nikki Njoku is a talented performer hailing from Montreal, Canada. Nikki made her full LP debut back in 2021, and now she’s back with this fresh release.

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