Exclusive: Short Film ‘Poolside’ winning numerous awards at International Film Festivals!

Award-winning director and cinematographer, Alex Kinter’s new short film Poolside is creating waves across the globe with its numerous award wins this season! He brings his unique and stunning visual storytelling prowess to his new project. For over 15 years, he has worked as a freelancer for a diverse variety of clients. And over the last five years, he founded and developed Solarity Studios from its beginnings in a loft space to a 25,000-square-foot commercial video production powerhouse with offices in Dallas and LA. He has enjoyed partnerships with Bain & Company, Lookhu, amongst other, Buzznog, Will Smith’s app development company.

Alex Kinter

Poolside accounts the haunting moments of a 1950’s high society woman struggling with keeping her sanity while isolated at her indoor pool. The idealistic background acts as a stark contrast to the dark concepts, swimming through this candid unraveling of a woman alone, trying to understand the voices she hears underwater.


Poolside has won numerous awards out of which few special mentions are shared here:

Best Indie Film Award – Best Indie Experimental Film (Short)

Andromeda Film Festival – Best Short Film

Milan Gold Awards – Silver Award for Indie Short Film

New York Movie Awards – Best Indie Short Film

Florence Film Awards – Honorable Mention for Indie Short Film

Indie Short Fest – Best Thriller Short, Jury Award of Excellence

Independent Shorts Awards – Platinum Award for Best Mystery Short, Gold Award for Best First Time Director, Gold Award for Best Cinematography, Best Film of the Month (Runner-up)

IndieX Film Fest – Award of Excellence (Special Mention), Best Women Short

Hollywood Blvd Film Festival – Best Experimental Short Film

Poolside is currently streaming on

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