Retro Meets Rhythm: Tinok and Sprock’s Electrifying Comeback with ‘Come With Me’

Tinok and Sprock

In the vibrant world of music, certain duos have a unique ability to harness the power of harmony, and the Canadian EDM pioneers Tinok and Sprock are shining examples. Their mission: to infuse the buoyancy, dynamism, and unity of the 80s into their unique fusion of stadium rock and electronic dance music.

Emerging in the early 90s, Tinok and Sprock took the underground EDM scene by storm. From spinning tracks in the DJ booth to crafting innovative tunes in the recording studio, and eventually mesmerizing audiences with their live band performances, they carved a sonic path that crossed borders and genres. With roots firmly planted in the fertile soil of early Hip Hop, House, Techno, and Rave, their journey began in the pulsating local clubs and private parties of Canada. It wasn’t long before they channeled their DJ experiences into creating their own music, with two albums released on tape in ’92 and ’94, followed by their first full-length CD in ’96.Tinok and Sprock Come with Me

After a hiatus of nearly 25 years, Tinok and Sprock are back, blessing the music scene with their new EP in decades titled Come With Me. This triumphant return to the global stage is not just a resurgence of their unique sound but also a testament to their enduring impact and timeless appeal.

Tinok and Sprock’s new EP has tracks titled Come With Me and Liquid Fire, inclusive of six tracks, which is a sonically adventurous exploration into the duo’s distinctive blend of music styles. Truly, the EP is an auditory delight, encapsulating the essence of their signature sound. Come With Me features the captivating voice of Romanova, adding a new dimension to their soundscape!

Each version of Come With Me on the EP is a unique reinterpretation of the song’s core themes, with variations that showcase the duo’s versatility and ingenuity. The song’s intoxicating blend of genres effortlessly brings back the dynamism and unity of the 80s. The beats are infectious, the synthesizers are thrilling, and the vocals are deeply evocative.

The EP as a whole immerses listeners in a time capsule of the 80s, updated with a modern twist through their unique musical lens. The power of nostalgia is tangible in the way the beats pulse and the melodies intertwine, a testament to the duo’s ability to harness the past’s energy and deliver it to present-day audiences.

The ingenuity and dedication embedded in Come With Me are indicative of Tinok and Sprock’s commitment to their musical philosophy. They do not merely create tracks; they build bridges between eras, genres, and listeners. Their music is now streaming on Spotify, where you can experience the nostalgic yet refreshing journey of their EP.

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YouTube: @tinokandsprockaresw3333

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