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Seamoss Head

When news came out that the creator of the world’s best sea moss supplements Seamoss Head had moved their headquarters to Phoenix, Arizona, the health world momentarily came to a stop. There were concerns from people all over, worrying if the company had been sold, closed, changed, and most of all… if the #1 rated sea moss products in the world would stop being produced and / or sold. Seamoss Head CEO and founder Tinya Lewis quickly put a rest to those rumors by stating, “We’re just relocating, Seamoss Head sea moss is here to stay. I promise!”

For five years now, Seamoss Head has shipped to thousands of households throughout the US. What makes their brand the greatest? Here is a quick breakdown of three different categories of products they offer:

Their Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel is blended into a gel for easy consumption. Harvested naturally from the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
It retains more nutrients due to minimal processing, and is highly versatile for various applications.

The Organic Sea Moss Capsules are sustainably grown and harvested in controlled environments, dried, grounded, and then encapsulated. It is very convenient for on-the-go, has no taste or texture concerns, and has a longer shelf life.

And their super popular Flavored Sea Moss Blends are often a mix of the wildcrafted and cultivated sea moss. They are combined with natural flavors and sweeteners, giving it a pleasant tasting product, that is easy to incorporate into daily routines.

It’s easy to see why people from all walks of life have hopped on the “Seamoss Head Life” bandwagon. Tinya posts frequently on social media and emails her newsletter subscribers coupons regularly.

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