Spinning Stories by Lynne Taylor Donovan: The Hi-Fi Harmony of ‘Full Circle’ Precedes ‘Movin’ On’

Lynne Taylor Donovan

Emerging from the musical chrysalis, Lynne Taylor Donovan offers an intoxicating preview of her upcoming vinyl opus, “Full Circle”. This 10-track anthology, humming with vibrant fidelity, promises an auditory banquet that will delight both devoted fans and neophytes. Each song is a carefully crafted soundscape, paving the way for a year of musical innovation with another album, “Movin’ On”, waiting in the wings.

This Spring, prepare for a soul-stirring journey as “Full Circle” spins on turntables worldwide. Get ready to dive into this swirling whirlpool of sonic treasures – it’s an album destined to reverberate through the annals of music history.

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  1. so excited about lynne’s new albums; she is unique in every way and has stayed true to her craft all these years – she has such loyalty to the true music industry of days gone by- very refreshing and admirable. PACIFIC RECORDS ROCK……….

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