Stellar Echoes: An Auditory Odyssey in Artist Sephe’s New Album ‘twist?d’


Jukebox Time is highlighting artist Sephe’s latest album, ‘twist?d’. This album boasts 10 phenomenal tracks that take listeners on an unparalleled sonic journey. The adventure begins with ‘Loading…’, whose captivating intro seamlessly draws us from our surroundings into the very essence of his music. The transitions, while unconventional, are impeccably executed. ‘Skarab’ sets the musical voyage in motion in a way that’s truly unique. There’s a playfulness to the beats, but they’re expertly intertwined with a sense of mellowness. Expertly placed flangers keep listeners alert and engaged, while the resonating aura in ‘shock’ is undeniably magnetic. The beats have an ethereal quality, painting vivid soundscapes for listeners. Sephe has added vocals, which are slightly distorted yet overlaid with contemporary synth effects, which are genuinely mesmerizing.

‘nil’ commences gently, leading us through a euphoric journey that fully showcases the essence of Sephe’s musical prowess. The vocals are enriched with effects that compel us to absorb every auditory nuance. ‘axiom’ introduces cascading effects, adding a creative direction to the album, and immersing listeners in rich sound layers that Sephe masterfully produces. His measured approach displays both his audacity and skill in meticulously crafting fresh, appealing melodies and beats.

When compared with his prior masterpiece, ‘Lorana.mze’, it’s evident that Sephe has ventured into a new creative realm. Beneath the album’s smooth sonic exterior lies a well-thought-out experimental core. ‘twist?d’ resonates deeply, revealing profound musical implications. The delightful fusion of Mystic, Hip-Hop and Funk provides a unifying thread that envelopes listeners.

One of Sephe’s outstanding strengths is his ability to weave multiple genres into a harmonious tapestry while maintaining his originality. We were thoroughly impressed with the sonic richness of ‘twist?d’ and wholeheartedly recommend it.SepheThe album is currently available on major music streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. 

About the artist: Sephe is an experimental hip-hop artist from California. In March of 2021 Sephe (Originally under the name “Bacleo”) dropped his debut EP “Neo” and immediately began experimenting with a mixture of Trap, EDM, and R&B. Sephe gained popularity with his single “Vengeance”, which was released 2 months after Neo. it would takeover by storm with its pounding bass and high treble bouncy EDM/Hip Hop beat. But Sephe’s name wasn’t officially set in stone until late 2022, with Lorana.Mze” and “Change” Sephe was able to make noise with his heavily experimental sound.

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