The Captivating Allure of Brian Scott Elmer’s Unforgettable EP “The past increases, the future recedes”

Brian Scott Elmer

Step into sonic euphoria with the latest EP The past increases, the future recedes from Brian Scott Elmer, a transcendent musical experience that will leave you breathless. Each of the 6 tracks on this masterpiece weaves a tapestry of soul-stirring vocals, poetic lyrics, and electrifying instrumentation that demand your attention!

Be captivated by the seductive guitar solos in the song Get me right which pours raw emotion into every note, while the hypnotic drums pulsate with an irresistible energy. Or prepare to be enchanted by the song Timeless which in reality is an acoustic gem, a tender ode that showcases the artist’s versatility and vulnerability.

Dive headfirst into this mesmerizing EP, and let it transport you to a world where music reigns supreme. Don’t wait – hit play and let the magic begin.

Jukebox Time highly recommends this EP!

The past increases, the future recedes is now streaming on Spotify.

About the artist: Brian Scott Elmer is a solo artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist who has developed a very distinctive sonic formula by blending a wide range of creative influences. He collaborates with vocalists to bring his songs to life, and the ability to work with different people lends his work a hugely dynamic and diverse edge.

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