The Mezcaltones just dropped their fourth album – Agavé Soirée

The Mezcaltones

Jukebox Time is today featuring The Mezcaltones! Agavé Soirée is a stellar addition to The Mezcaltones’ discography, being their fourth album. The album boasts eight original tracks and one cover, and it continues the band’s Surf Country Tex-Mex vibe, which has always been one of their defining characteristics.

The album commences with an absolute banger in the form of “Matahari Mimi,” which sets a killer surf/spy tone. It’s a perfect start to the album, as it not only captures the listener’s attention but also showcases the band’s unique sound. The first single, “If I Could Make You See,” follows and offers a bluegrass-meets-60s Bakersfield sound. It’s a track that will undoubtedly get your toes tapping and head bobbing.

Another standout track is “Wouldn’t Last a Day,” a cool country blues duet co-written by Dani Young that talks about how relationships can be worked out with some give and take. It’s a beautiful addition to the album.

About the band: The Mezcaltones are a group of six badass musicians who came together because of their mutual love for cool country rockin’ blues and down-and-dirty Tex Mex sounds. They bring their unique style to the fore with “Agavé Soirée”, showcasing their talent for creating music that is both fun and meaningful.

In conclusion, “Agavé Soirée” is an album that anyone who loves country rock, blues, and Tex Mex sounds should check out. It’s a fantastic addition to The Mezcaltones’ discography and highlights their talent for creating music that is both unique and enjoyable.

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