Trey Cunningham enthralls us with his new music releases!

Trey Cunningham

Jukebox Time is today sharing an exclusive piece of news about artist Trey Cunningham. According to our sources, the artist is all set to release the deluxe edition of his album Kaleidoscope. The tracks are titled Scenic Drive and Liam’s Lullaby and are breathtaking musical phenomenon in itself. The sublime tones and quintessential lyrics totally persuades us to pay extra attention to the structure of the songs.

Trey Cunningham seems to be embarking on a lateral trajectory that enforces the listener to drench in its distinct musical variety. The subtle vocal variation that he does are spectacular and showcases his innovativeness.

When we listened Scenic Drive on a loop mode (do try this!) we were totally surprised by the flawless technique ingrained in it and emotional expression of Trey. The rigorous in-depth sonic exploration that the track contains is hard to imagine in a different context! And this in itself begs a question pertaining to what artistic excellence Trey has entrenched in himself! The sourcing of discursive audible expositions are just marvelous.

Liam’s Lullaby is another track that showcases subtlety with a jarring synergy that is just vital yet less prevalent in the current music scene. The palpable musical language is deep-rooted in the track which is clearly visible (or shall we say audible!) during the transitions. The innovativeness that he brings on the table is just heavenly yet he has sneaked his signature style very creatively. Isn’t this a sign of a mind that works differently than any other indie artist? Probably his signature style stems from an amalgamation of resonant tones that are unusual in this genre of music!

And thus we highly recommend his new tracks!

Do check out his complete discography which is now streaming on Spotify and major music streaming services.

The album is set to release on 6th of January.

About the artist: Trey Cunningham is an independent artist, singer, and songwriter who uses music as a medium to express himself and his thoughts fully. He has created his own unique platform for his creativity and creates something special from the undeterred music scene that breaks the one-dimensional mainstream music.


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