Artist Demione Louis and his mesmerizing EP “Vibes”

Demione Louis

Jukebox Time is today featuring the stunning new EP of artist Demione Louis. Known for his riveting single Stand Up the artist has recently released his new EP. It is titled Vibes and is a phenomenal EP with distinct tracks such as Gravity, True Story, Still and many more splendid numbers. The EP starts with Gravity which has a stunning arrangement. The tonality is alluring that showcases varied structures. Add to that Demione’s amazing vocal nuances and wonderful lyricism. Another track which mesmerized us is Win. With spectacular melodic tones and innovative sonic structure, Win provides an ideal ending to the EP.

The EP is now streaming on Spotify.

About the artist: Harry “Demione” Louis, is a Haitian-American rapper and graphic designer. Designing all of the artwork for his music releases is part of his artistic process. Demione’s musical journey starts where most Black music originates – the church. Most of his work to date is inspired by lived experiences, the byproduct of poverty, and being forced to live a thousand different lives in order to survive.

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