Artist Maenda’s scintillating new album ‘They Say the Sun Is Dying’


Today, Jukebox Box Time proudly presents the magnificent new album by artist Maenda, titled ‘They Say the Sun Is Dying.’ It is a remarkable collection of 10 breathtaking tracks that are sure to captivate the listener. ‘Let Go‘ initiates this surreal sonic journey with cascading synths and a powerful vibe that truly dazzles. The addition of a string section creates a panorama unlike anything else. ‘Time Stood Still‘ possesses an enigmatic soundscape vibe filled with emotionally charged tones that are captivating, accompanied by smooth and fascinating transitions. The title track ‘They Say the Sun Is Dying‘ stands out as a marvel on its own, vibrant and refreshing, offering a musical experience unlike any other.

Overall, Maenda takes us on a journey—a consciously crafted blend of inner and outer realms. Through his music, he evokes deep feelings and emotions from the listener’s psyche, providing warmth, embrace, and an inquiry into the depths of existence itself. What is the mystery? Well, the music hints at it, inviting us to explore the self-discovery ingrained in life and more importantly one’s self itself.

“They Say The Sun Is Dying is my ode to grief, a love letter to pain and a journey of self-discovery.” – Maenda.

Jukebox Time highly recommends this album, now available for streaming on Spotify. And do check out the official videos now streaming on YouTube.

About the artist: After working in numerous bands and musical projects, guitarist, producer and songwriter Matthew Op ‘t Eijnde (Arnhem, The Netherlands) decided it was time for something new. Enter Maenda: cinematic, instrumental, dream-like ambient music with post-rock influences. Maenda was born from great personal loss and the desire to create a musical narrative that tells the story of love, death and healing, transcending the limits of genres. A creative outlet that let him use all of his skills to the fullest; not only music, but also film, poetry and performance art. His first album ‘They Say The Sun Is Dying’ is an audiovisual project he attempted to create with the exploration of electronics, sampling, tribal music and sounds from nature near his home. Most of the instruments are recorded in his home studio and he used several vintage synthesizers at HKU Sound Studio (located in Utrecht, Netherlands).


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