Featured: Artist Lumi is back with another marvelous album titled ‘The Rebirth’


Today, Jukebox Time is featuring the new album by artist Lumi, known for his exquisite delivery and phenomenal tracks. The artist is back with another marvel for music lovers. Titled “The Rebirth,” the album is stunning, featuring a collection of eight songs. The album kicks off with “Higher Love,” boasting a marvelous arrangement and sublime flow. The song’s main asset lies in its superb intro and transitions. “Non-Duality” is another track with a dazzling intro and a surreal sonic panorama. The beats are enthralling, once again taking listeners on a spectacular journey. The title track, “The Rebirth,” exudes a stupendous vibe from the beginning. Overall, the album is refreshing, with Lumi bringing a new tonality to the table.

However, the main highlight of the album is Lumi’s delivery. His flow, surreal delivery, and tonal quality are a breath of fresh air in the musical realm. Like a masterful narrator, he takes listeners on a journey unlike anything else. We highly recommend this album, now streaming on Spotify and major music streaming services.

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