Featured: Flowers For Juno’s enthralling EP ‘Be My Bloody Valentine’

Flowers For Juno

Jukebox Time is today reviewing Flowers For Juno’s new sensational EP, “Be My Bloody Valentine“. With breathtaking tracks, the EP evokes a transcendental vibe unlike anything else. “Dead Air” serves as an euphoric 30-second intro that sets the tone of the EP. However, “Physical Culture” initiates the real auditory journey. The spectacular rhythms, sublime guitars, and surreal vocals totally enthrall the listener, along with their unconventional tonality and wonderful arrangement. The sparks that “Can’t Help Falling In Love” creates are superb. The cover of the Elvis Presley’s famous song reflects the distinct Flowers For Juno touch, generating an ethereal vibe altogether. What caught our attention is “It’s Not My Fault”. The intro captivates us right away and nudges our hearts into its sonic realm. The rhythms intermingle with melody in a fantastic magnetic grip-like arrangement, while the soft hum of the tonality is dispersed throughout the single.

Overall, Flowers For Juno brings a refreshing element of raw sounds and technicality that is rare in music these days. But above all, the raw emotions conveyed through their music are terrific and keep us ingrained in their tracks. Benjó James has a marvelous voice that keeps our attention occupied, whereas Jack Wilson on guitar is just brilliant.

Whether you are embarking on a long journey or curled up inside your blanket with your earphones, Flowers For Juno’s EP will add a unique dimension to your heart and mind that will stay with you.

About the artist: Flowers For Juno are a gothic rock/metal band formed in Newcastle upon Tyne by musician Jack Wilson and vocalist Benjó James. Following the release of the single “Physical Culture” in December 2023, the release of the single “It’s Not My Fault” in January, Flowers For Juno have now released their debut EP “Be My Bloody Valentine” on Valentine’s Day.

Streaming now on Spotify and our official Spotify Playlist, listen to this enigma now!

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