Featured: Artist Ginga C’s debut album ‘Modern Day Hippie 2’

Ginga C

Today we are featuring the stunning artist Ginga C, known for his phenomenal tracks and scintillating collections. He has recently dropped his new album, Modern Day Hippie 2, and we got a special sneak peek into it. We were amazed by its sheer audacity.

“Can’t No More” sets the mood with a dazzling arrangement and fantastic beats. Ginga’s delivery takes us on a splendid journey. “Cough Cough” is another track from the album that carries Ginga’s signature sound. Featuring Shojon, the arrangement is unconventional with a robust flow that captures the listener’s attention. The transitions add a dynamic cohesiveness that is hard to recreate. “Started Out” has a wonderful tonality that is quite different from what we have heard in the album so far. Ginga C takes a creative trajectory from the traditional tone structure, adding vibrancy to his style.

The main asset of the album lies in Ginga’s delivery. His flow and knack for raw, powerful delivery stun the listener, creating a varied tonal realm. Compared to his previous hits, Modern Day Hippie 2 is ingrained with a unique flavor and Ginga C’s distinct creative style.

Overall, we were impressed by the mesmerizing tonality of the album. Stream it on Spotify and YouTube now!

Ginga C seems to elevate the genres with his unique voice and tracks, bringing a fresh and innovative approach to his music. His ability to blend powerful lyrics with captivating beats takes the listener on an unforgettable auditory journey.

About the artist: Ginga C is a singer/rapper from sheerness in Kent, recently released his debut album ‘Modern Day Hippie 2’.

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