Jola Recchioni mesmerizes us in her latest album ‘Wrongtime’

Jola Recchioni

Jukebox Time is featuring Jola Recchioni’s latest album titled Wrongtime today. This album, consisting of 12 scintillating tracks, has completely enthralled us. It kicks off with “Her Substitute,” which boasts a peppy intro and an excellent arrangement. The guitars are terrific, blending seamlessly with riveting rhythms. Added to this is Jola’s powerful vocals—an alluring sensation for sure. “I’m The Best For Your Motor“ is another standout track, where Jola captivates us immediately with her amazing vocals, inviting us on this sonic journey. However, in the track “Did You Dance With The Devil“ she takes a creative detour from the album’s conventional flow. The arrangement is unique, starting with her more mellow voice, escalating to the impact of her raw vocals paired with stunning lyricism, creating a distinctly vibrant vibe. The subdued guitars craft a vibrancy that is hard to replicate.

“Midnight Blues” (our favorite!) evokes a bygone era, whether it’s her voice, the guitars, or the subtle rhythm section—it seems it’s all perfectly combined. But “Midnight Blues“ invigorates us and brings an altogether euphoric vibe. Jola’s voice creates such a mesmerizing mood that it’s difficult not to put this track on loop. The evocative nature of her vocal nuances is quite palpable—or shall we say audible—in this track.

Overall, we were impressed by this stunning audio journey. Wrongtime tells a story through Jola Recchioni’s alluring voice, which slowly captivates our psyche as the intensity builds. Like a masterful weaver, she has created a sonic sojourn inviting all music lovers, especially blues enthusiasts.

We highly recommend this album, now streaming on Spotify.

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