Artist Sardonic and Naz140’s splendid new EP “Open Doors”

Sir Sardonic open doors

Jukebox Time is today featuring artists Sardonic and Naz140’s new EP. It is titled Open Doors and comprises tracks Pain Away, Run It Up, Open Doors, Split Up and Glass. The EP starts with the stunning track Pain Away. With soothing piano and riveting melodic tones, the single captivates us right away. And add to that sublime and quite vibrant delivery by Sardonic and Naz140. The transitions are smooth and do provide a phenomenal vibe. Another marvelous track is the title number Open Doors. With subdued tones and enchanting flow, it cajoles us to listen to the track on a loop mode!

Overall, what impressed us in the EP is a beguiling blend of their delivery along with a wide sonic variety which we usually don’t find in the current musical realm of modern hip hop or in fact in any genre of music. And truly it is a brilliant achievement by these artists to be able to express the ingrained creativity from their inner psyche and share it in the form of music for music lovers!

This powerful EP is currently streaming on Spotify and major music streaming services.

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