Turquoise Tranquillity’s new album “The Devil’s Willow”

Turquoise Tranquillity

Jukebox Time is today featuring Turquoise Tranquillity’s new album. It is titled The Devil’s Willow and comprises tracks In the Darkness, In the Water, Bless the Arc and many more scintillating songs. The album starts with an intro track titled In the Darkness that sets the overall mood for a sensational musical journey. Another marvelous track The Devil’s Willow truly captures the gist of the tonality that the band is aiming toward which is probably pertaining to a wide-ranging sonic variety. The vocals are quite evocative and hold the listener’s attention due to its uncanny flow.

The Titan Grows is the most sublime track from the album. With jarring vocals and subtle guitars, the experimentation in the track is certainly nonpareil. However, Senseless Hatred truly showcases the depth of Turquoise Tranquillity’s creativity. Their guitars cajole us, whereas their rhythms are mesmerizing! Overall, the band impressed us due to their marvelous mix of subdued yet bountiful melodic tones (an amalgamation of Dark Folk and Indie Rock!) which is a rarity in the musical realm these days. And therefore, Jukebox Time highly recommends this album!

About the band: Turquoise Tranquillity is a new, underground band that creates a dark, atmospheric, and heavy sound through bass, guitars, drums, and a unique voice. 

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