Artist Vindi’s new album Lyrics Beats & Life


Jukebox Time is today featuring artist Vindi’s new album. It is titled Lyrics Beats & Life and comprises tracks Joy, Without You, Time and many more riveting songs. The album starts with Joy which has a muffled sample intro with subdued tonality. The delivery by Vindi is invigorating. With brilliant transitions the track certainly has a captivating element. Problems is another vital track from the album which has exquisite beats and cajoling vocals. It features artist Alonda Rich and her vocal nuances are totally alluring!

Be it tracks Time, Hold On or even Words of Affirmation, the sonic variety is wonderful in the album. Overall we were awed by Vindi’s sublime yet powerful wordplay. His flow is totally distinct yet smooth which eventually makes us listen to his tracks more than once.

And therefore Jukebox Time highly recommends Lyrics Beats & Life.

About the artist: Vindi is a rapper from South London known for his laid back flow. He hasn’t always been a solo artist he started in a group known as ‘The Collective’ and was also part of a duo known as ‘SE23s Finest’ however due to circumstances some members no longer make music or have branched off to do their own thing, therefore he decided to give it a go himself solo.

“I make music about life, its release therapy, whether its a serious song or me having fun, I am not a street guy which used to be counted against me however good music is just that no matter where you are from, if you can rap you can rap. My favourite era of Hip Hop has passed however I want to keep the flag going while putting a modern twist on it.” – Vindi.

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