Artist Aluron’s scintillating new album “Devotion/Fever Dreams”


Jukebox Time is today featuring the new album by artist Aluron. Known for her unconventional yet stunning musical pieces the artist is back with another riveting album. It is titled Devotion/Fever Dreams and comprises 31 tracks (yup! you read that right) which in reality is a musical extravaganza. Well, we got a special sneak peek (or shall we say sneak listen!) into the album and were awed by the sheer sonic variety ingrained in it. The album starts with track titled Anima that comprises multiple transitions and evocative tones. Matthew Frank is a track that certainly cajoles the listener. The muffled synths, subdued beats and jarring tonality is truly a treat for music lovers. The sublime arrangement of Resurgam is experimental yet seems like a piece of art that stays with us even after we stop listening to the track.

Woeman (how about that for a title of the song?) is a marvelous track with dissonant tones. Albeit, we had to play the track on a loop-mode to comprehend the conscious creative crafting that the artist has utilized in the track. Sindoor (our favorite!) has deeper overtones with bashing beats and experimental vocal nuances. Aftermath yet again reinforces the “Aluron sound” that is quite unique and captivating in itself.

Can we label Devotion/Fever Dreams into a specific genre? Well we can but why would we define and limit the creative expression of the artist? Is this something that we haven’t heard in the world of music for a long time? Especially when it comes to instrumental music then yes indeed it is! The album is refreshing which has innovative sonic nuances sprinkled throughout the entirety of almost every other track.

In fact it is entirely a sparkling musical journey which has a varying track listing. Be it the track Wuji, So We Survive, or even Able Lies the reverberating splendidness of music is quite remarkable. In short it provides an immersive sonic experience where one can dive deep into the pool of assorted and diversified sound structures. Overall, it is a wonderful musical narrative and a brilliant take on how transitions and arrangement can be crafted into distinct yet captivating manner so as to create a unique vibe.

And therefore Jukebox Time highly recommends this album.

Devotion/Fever Dreams is now streaming on Spotify.

About the artist: Lillian Gutoff came up with the artist name ‘Aluron’ in therapy. While discussing the concept of an alula being the bastard wing, or thumb, of a bird responsible for directing its movement, her therapist noted how the aileron of an airplane mimicked that anatomy. Aluron came from putting the words alula and aileron together. She learned how to make music with a DAW (digital audio workstation) in a Vermont community college course but didn’t start to compose relentlessly until the calamity of the pandemic sanctioned isolation. Garageband and Audacity are the software she uses.


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