Featured: Artist Diane Arkenstone’s new single “Beyond the Mist”

Diane Arkenstone

Jukebox Time is today sharing an exclusive piece of news about artist Diane Arkenstone. Known for her riveting songs Road to Camelot and Voice of the Sea, the artist is back with another splendid and soulful song. Titled as Beyond the Mist the song is part of her new and upcoming compilation album Light Of Varying Energies (L.O.V.E.). We got a special sneak peek (or shall we say sneak listen!) into this stunning single. The song starts with an intriguing rhythm and cascading tones. After that her sublime vocals totally captivates us and takes us on a marvelous musical journey. The arrangement is phenomenal where the sonic sensibility of the artist is quite visible.

Albeit, the lyricism is another vital element of the song that allured us. When it comes to conscious crafting of sensible tonality, Beyond the Mist truly defines that aspect of music. The dignified structural integration of slow and subtle vocal nuances by Diane showcases her authentic artistic calibre. The essence of the song lies in its enigmatic yet scintillating contemporary vibe. We do get a tiny bit of glimpse of the music from the 60s and 70s! In fact the simplicity and its subdued tonality is what makes this song a rarity in the musical realm. The elegant composition thrives with consistently morphed clear tones that evokes calmness and provides a deeper contemplation of the horizon. Especially when she sings, “She followed the mist to the rising tide and never was seen ever more… On a silver moon night, with the stars shinning bright, the maiden and sailor are seen…”, the tranquility is audible and a serene sensation is certainly felt in our psyche.

Diane Arkenstone

The album Light of Varying Energies (L.O.V.E) is set to release on the 11th of November. It comprises tracks in which she collaborated with amazing artists such as Grammy-nominated Derek Nakamoto who arranged and played piano on the tracks “Elements of Nature,” “A Faraway Orbit,” and the album’s title track, and Grammy-nominated David Arkenstone on “We Can Live Forever.” According to our sources, the album will be released digitally and on CD via her self-owned Neo Pacifica Recordings.

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