Avalanche the Architect’s splendid new album “Let There Be War” (Explicit Content)

Avalanche The Architect

Jukebox Time is today featuring artist Avalanche the Architect’s new album. It is titled Let There Be War and comprises tracks Talk the Talk, Ango Ambo, Lyrical Mastery, The War in Ukraine, Boom Bap Barbarian and many more riveting songs. Ango Ambo is a phenomenal track with exquisite beats. The track captivates us throughout its entirety due to its subdued tones and the artist’s pitch-perfect flow. Whereas, Lyrical Mastery seems like a lateral trajectory to provide a creative break in the album. The transition to the track Bring Boom Bap Back is stunning!

The syncopated beats seem like a trademark in the album. Whether it is the track The Lyricalist or The War in Ukraine the tones reverberate for a long time in the mind of the listener! Albeit, the distinct rhythms that are ingrained in many of the tracks speaks volume about the Avalanche the Architect’s artistic range. Auditory Blitzkrieg is a real musical extravaganza where the artist’s delivery is raw and quite intense. The tonality in his voice is surreal and truly breathtaking in itself. Also, the lyricism in the entire album is such that it imparts the necessary power to the vocals to convey a varied musical experience.

Overall, the sonic variety of Let There Be War is definitely unconventional and very different compared to Avalanche the Architect’s other notable albums such as Avalanche Season and the Diamond Album. The artist seems to have invented a unique musical conversation style of his own that is extremely prevalent in almost every other song. The innovativeness in his delivery evokes poignancy, rawness and honesty too. And to communicate the story of one’s life is no easy task however the structural integration of distinct compositions makes it an alluring aspect altogether.

Avalanche The Architect has an extraordinary discography that showcases his artistic vision. And with Let There Be War he has certainly risen and carved a niche of his own.

The album is currently streaming on Spotify.

About the artist: Avalanche The Architect, this aggressive and ferocious rapper has a unique and distinct style of delivery matched with a rhyme structure formed like no other. His vocal onslaught is balanced by the lyrics that build the story of his life. His dedication to his craft stems from the discipline he has gained over the years from his personal and professional MMA training/fighting. He has been featured on songs with the likes of Cappadonna, Choclair, Vinnie Paz, Jus Allah, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and Drake to name a few. With multiple videos out on Youtube, his visual presence is gaining online popularity daily. Residing in the Bronx New York, Avalanche has been steadily recording and preparing not only his eighth full-length album but also a mixtape for the masses. He is currently posed to release both within the month and then a new project every month after that until he reaches his end game goal of success!

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