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Music fans are just days away from having the ability to invest and share profits with Recording Artists. The initial rollout phase of Buy Buy Music will be available for everyone in The United States, with the plans of being available to other Countries in the future. Without an exact launch date announced, anxious fans and investors are signing up early to receive a discount on the first Digital Shared Ownership of Music to be available for purchase at the time of launch.

With the amount of complexities behind the curtain, the concept of “Buy, Listen & Make Money”, seems rather simplified to anyone that has never been able to make money while listening to music.

“I envision a time where personal music playlists will turn into music catalogs that generate transferable wealth that can be passed down through generations.” – An empowering statement made by CEO and Music Creator itsPaulBrown.

While stocks, cryptocurrencies & NFT’s have been showing no signs of its popularity slowing down amongst the many that are investing on a retail scale. Buy Buy Music sells a lifetime residual called a “DSO” (Digital Shared Ownership). Solely pertaining to a song(s), in the form of retaining a shared ownership in the profits generated specifically through Digital Streaming and Digital Downloading.

By establishing a monetary incentive for music fans to listen and share more, this would theoretically create more revenue for the music creators as well. In essence, offsetting the massive profit margins that have always been held by record labels, and thus; balancing the economy within the music industry by adding the listeners into the equation.

It may be hard to grasp the innovative possibilities that lie on the other side of the fence of such a tipping point. Fortunately, the excitement it brings to the future, falls nothing short of being enthralling.

CEO of Buy Buy Music “Paul Brown” definitely stamped his musical genius-ness by creating the portal that turns music fans to owners. With his recent success, landing song placements in the TV Industry. His single “What You Like” was picked up by Tyler Perry’s “Bruh” on BET+ and CW Channel’s Season 3 of “In the Dark”. The song has continuously covered ground by way of Music of The Sea and Riverwalk Records. Premiering on MTV Jams, BET Jams, Magic Johnson’s Aspire TV and a mass amount of Radio Stations across the U.S. and other countries around the globe. A song in which will be included at the kickoff of Buy Buy Music as one of the first songs to be available for Digital Shared Ownership.

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