Featured: Recognizer’s new album ‘This Conversation Is Echolocation’

Jukebox Time is today featuring the new album by indie rock band Recognizer. It is titled This Conversation Is Echolocation and comprises songs titled The Panic, Locus Of Control, Cave-in, Wait, Son and many more riveting songs! With startling guitar intro and dynamic rhythms, The Panic takes us on a zestful journey. The exuberance of the composition enthralled us. Whereas, Locus Of Control is another spectacular enigma in itself. The subtle progression with engaging guitars and brilliant blend of vocals and rhythms captivated us! Another marvelous song from the album is Wait, Son (our favorite!). With breathtaking arrangement and stunning melodic tones, the song creates a sensational vibe.

Their lead vocalist Mike Mullins sounds phenomenal. We were engrossed by his emotional and rather passionate delivery in each and every song. The guitar work by Michael Mullens and Mike Mullins fascinated us. Whereas, Steve Cook on drums was truly enigmatic. The way he balanced the rhythm section in the album is remarkable.


In This Conversation Is Echolocation, the band has almost covered many sub-genres of rock ranging from psychedelic rock to space rock! However, they also seem to have achieved a rather distinct and unparalleled sound of their own.

The album is currently streaming on Spotify and Bandcamp.

For more details visit:

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