Dr Optimiser

Breathtaking, experimental and majestic sound of Dr Optimiser!

Jukebox Time is today featuring an exclusive album by artist Dr Optimiser. It is titled A Novel Way To Spend An Hour and trust us as the title suggests the tracks do take us on a novel journey! The album comprises tracks titled Enter Transmission, Standing on Houses, Orbit, True, Rapture and many more enthralling tracks! Enter Transmission has a very cogent arrangement. The terrific sound patches create an ethereal atmosphere. Whereas Standing on Houses is a compelling track that features Zoe Maria. The soundscape vibe is brilliant and add to that the mesmerizing voice of Zoe bedazzled us. True (our favorite!) is another powerful track from the album. The vintage synth sounds gave us a very nostalgic vibe. And the buildup is just captivating!


Overall, Dr Optimiser has done a lot of conscious experimentation in this album. And that is quite visible (or shall we say audible?) in tracks like True, Inroads and Rapture. The instrumentation is very strong in this album along with majestic synth sounds and arpeggios.

Jukebox Time highly recommends this album for music lovers who are looking to spend an hour in a “novel way”!

About the artist: Dr Optimiser is a composer and producer living in Bristol, UK.

For further details follow the artist on his official social media:

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